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The Movement for Good Governance
Rm. 405 Evekal Building, 855 A. Arnaiz Avenue
San Lorenzo Village, Makati City
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  1. Nilo O. Dipos

    HI ,
    I am very supportive of your group or advocay. What are you doing on the issue of Party List, can this be abolished ? Aside from corruption I believe electoral reform focusing on political dynasty issue and this inutile party list system should be a priority also. thank you.

  2. Norrie Jacinto

    The 2013 briefer on senatorial candidates is very good. It gives substantive information that is not easily available for most voters. In 2016, it will be better if briefer information is also done in Tagalog and Bisaya. I think the majority of voters that your organization must reach are the ones who would benefit from information they can understand easily. English is not the language the “masa” are comfortable with.

  3. Nestor C. Valentino

    This is good start, I hope every Filipino voting citizen would take time to use the scorecard and examine closely candidates. Its true that in democracy we deserve the government we elect. I hope that MGG will continue to work as eye opener to the Filipinos, Kudos to the leaders of MGG.

  4. lester

    I am very supportive of the programs and ideals of this organization, Movement for Good Governance chaired by no less
    than Winnie Monsod. I think now is the time to pass a bill. The anit-dynasty bill.

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