What We Do

The Movement for Good Governance (MGG) provides a point of convergence and promotes solidarity among the diverse reform initiatives around the country.

MGG focuses on elections as a major opportunity to exercise good governance and elect new leaders. To increase the electorate’s capabilities to chose their leaders, MGG supports voter education programs and conducts townhall meetings with candidates on key issues. MGG aims to shift away voters’ attention from personality contests to the qualifications of candidates and to intelligent discussions of issues. During townhall meetings, MGG promotes the use of its scorecard, a simple guide to evaluating candidates, based on three key leadership criteria: effectiveness, empowering, and ethical leadership.

Beginning in 2010, MGG conducted annual benchmarking and assessment of the Aquino Administration based standards or metrics that President Aquino himself set at the beginning of his term. MGG’s policy experts used a 10-point scorecard system to measure the administration’s performance is six key areas: Economy, Public Finance, Governance, Health, Environment, and Education. The yearly assessment served as the basis of MGG’s advocacy for policy reforms.

MGG will continue the annual benchmarking and assessment exercise under the Duterte Administration using the same criteria, beginning with President Duterte’s first year in office.





  1. Cita Borromeo-Garcia

    I was at the Timbangan meeting at the ATeneo. I am very convinced of the efficacy of the scorecard. this is proven by the second ballot cast after the meeting . I only we can spread this scorecard to be read by folks in the farflung barrios, then we will have the right senators or other public officials who will govern our affairs unlike those who are merely popular because they appear in bandit movies or are descendants of unworthy public officials who served without integrity, competence and principles. After the deliberations, the second scorecard proved that if properly educated our voters will surely make this nation great even without the Marcoses.

  2. Cita Borromeo-Garcia

    I notice that Movement for good Governance is devoted to reforms in election laws as well as the manner or way the people should be taught how to vote by making known the yardstick to measure the possible performance of the candidates.
    Will you not also include the matter of reforming the system of our judiciary?Our judicial system is rotten, antiquated, corrupt, undemocratic, abusive, anti-poor, and weak.This is the reason after three eyars we have not completed indicting all the ampatuans, witnesses in many criminals cases are either killed, they disappeared or they simply die. This is the time to put behind what is useless.

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