Who We Are

The Movement for Good Governance (MGG) is a constituency for change. We are Filipino citizens and organizations who aim to promote transparent, participatory, and accountable governance.

We believe that the Philippines deserves better governance, but we realize that no one other than ourselves can deliver this to our nation.

We reject cynicism and indifference, as we place great confidence in the Filipino’s innate nobleness, decency, and righteousness.

We hope to provide the spark that will ignite the people’s passion and love of country that will spur all of us to build a better society.

Our mission is to provide a point of convergence and promote solidarity among the diverse reform initiatives around the country that share the common objective of building a better and stronger Filipino nation.


Prof. Solita “Winnie” Collas-Monsod


Milwida Guevara
Bill Luz
Gus Lagman
Tony La Viña
Ernie Ordoñez
Francis Varela†
Quintin Pastrana
Ching Jorge
Tanya Hamada
Ricky Xavier
Edna Co
Philip Camara
Joel Rocamora
Gerry Bulatao
Jose Almonte
Darwin Mariano
Eddie Dorotan
Ed dela Torre
Adie Suzara †


Isabelle Ereñeta


YouthVote Philippines
Philippine IT Professionals
Makati Business Club
Management Association of the Philippines
Moral Force Movement
Movement for Hope
Alyansa Agrikultura
Mulat Pinoy

“Movement for Good Governance (MGG), a coalition of reform-minded organizations, business leaders and individuals, has three long-term goals—voter registration and empowerment, election reform and leadership development. But it is focusing on the 2010 elections as a major opportunity to exercise good governance and elect new leaders. ” (Philippine Daily Inquirer, December 21, 2008)

“What’s the difference between MGG and other groups seeking reforms? For the first time, people genuinely feel that short cuts no longer work, and that real substantive change has to come from ordinary people, groups from all areas, all sectors, all areas of the country, coming together to work on the things that we agree on, the things that we have in common, the goals that we have in common rather than focus on the things that make us different.” (Abs-cbnNEWS.com/Newsbreak, February 4, 2009)


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