Update on MGG letter to the President re: Commissioner Gus Lagman

Our letter to President Aquino re: Commissioner Gus Lagman was received by Malacanang on April 24. At the time of submission we had about 70 signatures from former government officials, civil society leaders, members of the academe, and ordinary citizens. More signatures and pledges of support have come in since then.

A concerned citizen has created an online petition based on our letter, which is gathering signatures from Filipinos all over the country and the world.

We hope that more people, in addition to the President, will be able to appreciate that this is a cause beyond the person of Gus Lagman. This is a case to help ensure that automated elections will be clean and honest; a case for putting into office persons who are competent and good; a case for providing persons with opportunities to face charges against them; a case for asserting that we are part of government and are entitled to be heard.

With Gus’ permission, we have published the e-mail Gus sent to friends after his appointment as commissioner was rejected by the Commission on Appointments. In the e-mail, Gus addresses the accusation of Sen. Enrile that NAMFREL cheated the opposition senatorial candidates in 1987 by padding the votes of each of the 24 administration candidates by 2 million votes.


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