Information on the 2013 Candidates

2013 Senatorial Candidates

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Commission on Elections: List of Candidates for the 2013 National and Local Elections
Certified list of candidates searchable by area/position or by name Candidate Briefs
Interactive profile pages of senatorial candidates containing key life events, educational and career milestones, as well as civic and political affiliations

Youth Vote Philippines: Candidate Profiles
Profiles of the senatorial candidates containing, when available, the following information:

  • Educational background /major achievements/ noted incidents/controversies while in school
  • Professional background-work or entrepreneurial experience
  • Outstanding achievements as a professional or an entrepreneur
  • Major controversies /challenges as a professional or as an entrepreneur
  • Party affiliation and list of associates/funders/allies
  • Programs developed and implemented, results achieved
  • Voting record with respect to major bills: e.g. computerization of elections, RH bill
  • Gross assets, net assets and liabilities
  • Cases filed against the candidate
  • Noted conflicts of interest
  • Violation of major laws, e.g. election
  • Documented observations on lifestyle


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