Where Surveys do not Matter

It was a very spirited townhall meeting. The sharing was made by the 172 participants from Guimbal, San Enrique, and Cabatuan . The members of the Movement for Good Governance (MGG) only discussed the criteria of Effective Leadership, Ethical Character, and Empowering Characteristics.

One voter said his business would flourish under a Duterte presidency. Everybody laughed when he mentioned that he has funeral parlor. Another voter stood up and said that they should all support Roxas, an Ilonggo like himself. He added that he has the highest respect for his integrity and described those who maligned him as saboteurs. A supporter for Binay said that he likes the free cakes, free movies, and free accommodations that he provides. A Poe supporter said that under P’noy, we have the 4P’s; under BInay, the 5P’s, and under Poe, we will have the 2P’s.

From the very first time, it was evident that Roxas is the candidate of the Ilonggos. He got 73 % of their votes. After the meeting, 87 percent voted for him.

Robredo despite being a non-Ilonggo is a “palangga. She got 84% of the votes even before the townhall meeting. She got 94% of the votes after the discussion.

The hardcore of Duterte remained at 6%, Poe at 4% and Binay and Santiago both at 1%.

President Pre-voting Post-voting
Binay 4% 1%
Duterte  7% 6%
Poe  10% 4%
Roxas 73%  88%
Santiago 6% 1%


Vice President Pre-voting Post-voting
Cayetano 2% 0%
Escudero 1% 1%
Honasan 2% 0%
Marcos 8% 4%
Robredo 84% 94%
Trillanes 3% 1%

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